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Friday, January 4, 2008

"Get Along Now" was Natalie's first song recorded when she was 14. Over the next 3 years Natalie's voice matured considerably. "Take My Hand Forever Hold" was recorded at age 17 and it has done quite well in the Philippines. Anyone interested in a wedding song might want to check it out. It topped the charts there for 10 weeks!

"Alien" is about a boy who is so weird he actually might be an Alien. The alien spacecraft crashing into Earth 2/3rds way through the song is kinda cool. It took 16 tracks to get that authentic whistling through the atmoshere sound then the quite realistic explosions all done with synthesizers and various keyboards.

A lot of people comment on Natalie's great low register in her singing. She has a great range and each of her songs are uniquely different. She doesn't fit the normal mold of a pop singer, nor does she want to.

Some Press

"Broken Pieces of My Heart became the most requested song and an instant hit.

Take My Hand Forever Hold touched down in the area and will be remembered for a long time."

Fr.Ronilo Omanio

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